ASS DOWN to those still wearing their FAKE Bape's tee and still admitting their FAKE ASS items was original bought from pasar malam Nowhere.

A BATHING APE officially launch their store at Singapore on the 17th December 2009!! Happy Happy!! ^ ^


Checkout the newest release of SUBCREWREACT mesh cap announced yesterday. Said to be arrive in store today. Go check'em out!!

I LOVE THE BLUE COLOR CAP!!! Gonna buy it!!! wait... im suppose to be on budget this few month.... Geeezzz...

Im back in words

Its been a week since Xsquad store opening finally have a little break for blogging. OUNO clothing starting very well, a bit nervous at the start though.. Starting this venture made me sees and understand a lot of things. It make me see throughly which or whom were reliable to talk and walk trough my difficulties, which or whom stabbing me from behind and corrupt my relationship from others. Kind, selfish, negative people and lot lot more.

Please update yourself in our newly updated network for Xsquad opening ceremony at Ouno's official website. We'll be adding our products and download feature shortly in the future.

Last word: 21 gun salutes to those who have fallen and to those who have fell, like Aaliyah said, “just dust yourself off and try again”… Much love to the heads supporting OUNO, we'll be looking forward to serve you more tasty treats.